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Shallowford House, Staffordshire, 2018, Tour Details

    Sunday 29th July - Saturday 4th August 2018

 Shallowford House

Dates now confirmed!

Details to follow

Shallowford House is a lovely old building and was the home of the cycling tour back in 2001. In fact it was the first fixed venue tour after YHA became non viable. The area around is plesant and undulating rather than hilly, and probably similar level of effort to last year's tour. The jewel is the massive number of quiet country lanes and great pubs.

The cost for this is an amazing £40 per person per night, and includes bed, breakfast and evening meal, along with access to all the leisure facilities.

Each day we seek to complete a circular route that is skilfully arranged so that we can grab just about every ringing tower within a fifteen mile radius of our base. A great amount of time and effort is invested in the planning of the tour so that a reasonably civilised daily itinerary can be enjoyed. Coffee breaks and pub-lunches or sumptuous picnics are an essential part of the tour.

Most people only get to ring once at each tower so there is ample time to get between the towers in the time allowed. If it all gets a bit too much people can cut corners and miss out the odd tower, thus reducing the total mileage for that day.

In as far as we are able, we try to choose pleasant cycling routes, avoiding busy main roads and more built-up areas. However, we have to “take the rough with the smooth” sometimes and put up with less than perfect scenery.


There cost this year is, almost the same as last year and includes bed, breakfast and evening meal from supper on the Sunday (29th July) to breakfast on the Saturday (4th August). In addition you will, no doubt, find yourself spending money on lunch, snacks and beverages.

  • £40 per person per night for single or twin rooms. (£234)



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