Young Bell Ringers
Cycling Tour

Bryanston School, Dorset, 2019, Tour Details

Supper Sunday 4th August - Breakfast Saturday 10th August 2019

This year's YBRCT will take to the beautiful countryside of Dorset, with its rolling hills, quiet lanes and unspoilt villages. We will be based in Bryanston school, with a boarding house for ourselves and secure bike parking facilities. Also for our use will be a brand-new pool. The price will be £38.50 per night, for a weeks total of £231, a price which includes breakfast and dinner. Most accommodation will be in single rooms, some of which are en-suite. These will be on a first come-first served basis unless there are medical reasons. Twin rooms are available for couples/families.

As ever, all ages and abilities are welcome, both in cycling and ringing! Distances look to be moderate this year, with no more than 26 miles in a day, although you are, of course, welcome to explore further. We pride ourselves on being a friendly bunch, with a healthy social life, and there is a large common room in the building for gathering in the evenings. Local beer and cider will be available.

Each day we seek to complete a circular route that is skilfully arranged so that we can grab just about every ringing tower within a fifteen mile radius of our base. A great amount of time and effort is invested in the planning of the tour so that a reasonably civilised daily itinerary can be enjoyed. Coffee breaks and pub-lunches or sumptuous picnics are an essential part of the tour.

Most people only get to ring once at each tower so there is ample time to get between the towers in the time allowed. If it all gets a bit too much people can cut corners and miss out the odd tower, thus reducing the total mileage for that day. In as far as we are able, we try to choose pleasant cycling routes, avoiding busy main roads and more built-up areas.